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Swipe right and travel around the world – CNN

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(CNN) — Most people can only dream of traveling the world with someone they love, but dating app Bumble will let one lucky employee take this bucket list item to the next level.

Bumble will soon begin paying a selected applicant to travel the world using its dating, networking, and friendship platforms — all of which are free and part of the Bumble app — to meet other users in England, Australia, and India, for example. (A full list of locations has not yet been confirmed.)

The unique position will carry the title of Global Connector Bee, and while the “bee” will have some say in where to travel throughout the year, ultimately Bumble will determine the itinerary.

The women-led and women-first company is hoping to use the position as a means of “ending misogyny globally through creating empowering connections,” according to the job listing posted on the Beehive blog.

Part of the role will be to demonstrate the ways in which individuals from different cultural backgrounds can find common ground in a variety of relationships, according to Chelsea Maclin, vice president of marketing at Bumble.

Bumble expanded to India in 2018, and the country is one the “bee” will most likely travel to.

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“We don’t think you have to get married to find a meaningful relationship … So what we’re really hoping is that our Global Connector Bee has the time of their life meeting people from a wide variety of cultures and worldviews. We think it’ll be transformative, whether these new connections are romantic, platonic, or professional,” Maclin told CNN in an email.

Introducing the Global Connector Bee is Bumble’s newest move to bridge the connection between online dating and real-world connections. Earlier this week, the company announced plans to open a Bumble Brew cafe and wine bar in New York City, following a slew of global pop-up shops in cities including Los Angeles, London and Toronto.
While the full list of locations has not yet been confirmed, England is likely to be part of the Global Connector Bee's itinerary.

While the full list of locations has not yet been confirmed, England is likely to be part of the Global Connector Bee’s itinerary.

Suzanne Plunkett/Suzanne Plunkett/Suzanne Plunkett

The app has seen significant growth in the past few years, and is now reaching 60 million users in 150 countries. One of its latest additions was expanding the app to India in 2018, a project backed by actress Priyanka Chopra.

On top of going on dates and networking with individuals around the world, the selected Global Connector Bee will have the opportunity to share their experiences through blog posts, social media updates and other outlets. A demonstrated interest in sharing stories digitally is a must to be considered, as is existing familiarity with Bumble’s variety of platforms. A valid passport is also required to secure the position.

Interested applicants should start swiping and apply before June 14 if they want the chance to travel around the world for a living.

“We hear from our users all the time that they love both travel and using Bumble when they venture abroad, so we thought this opportunity would strike a chord with them. There is so much local culture tied up in how we meet new people, and to experience that outside of your own comfort zone will be challenging and exciting,” Maclin said.

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