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Social Goods | ASOS Bans More Animal Fibres, Fashion Assistants Resist Verbal Abuse

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ASOS to Ban Silk, Cashmere and Mohair from Its Website (BBC)
“Under the updated policy, products containing silk, feathers and down, bone, teeth or shell (including mother-of-pearl), cashmere and mohair will no longer be stocked by ASOS. The company has already banned fur, angora and other rabbit hair and products which use materials from vulnerable animals.”

In Fashion, Verbal Abuse Is Going out of Style (The Cut)
“As with the #MeToo movement, the change is beginning on social media. The @FashionAssistants Instagram account, which has more than 16,000 followers after starting in December, serves as a repository for assistants’ workplace horror stories.”

Expensive Jeans Aren’t the Answer to the #MeToo Movement (Racked)
“The designers hope the capsule collection, We Wear the Pants, sparks a dialogue about the taboo subject of sexual violence. The pieces range from $58 to $375, meaning many of the women most vulnerable to such abuse, like domestic, agricultural, and food service workers, won’t be able to afford the capsule collection.”

John Lewis Will Buy Back Old Clothes to Reduce Waste (The Guardian)
“Customers can arrange through an app to have any unwanted clothing that they bought from John Lewis collected from their home, and they will be paid for each item regardless of its condition.”

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